Friday, March 11, 2016

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From Muse to Sana Safinaz and emerging talents alike, here is all the magic designers wove at the first day of the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2016.
1. Sana Safinaz
 The contrast between an overtly feminine color palette of lacey whites and creams of soft pastels paired with masculine stripes creates a fascinating sensory dichotomy.
2. Sana Safinaz
 The cream pastel hues complemented with masculine stripes creates a whimsical number that is hard to ignore.
3. Feeha Jamshed
 The textured jacket reminds us of the late 60’s and early 70’s fashion in music, including David Bowie, 60’s art, strokes of color and floral prints.
4. Feeha Jamshed
 The straight silhouette, asymmetrical use of floral and geometric motives, all lend this outfit contrasting subdued and playful vibes that make it hard to ignore.
5. Muse
 This sequined two piece navy blue outfit has a magnetic appeal that draws you to it!!!
6. Muse
 For men who like to do it with style!!
7. Muse
 The use of blue and gold lift this laid back beige two piece number to quintessential heights.
8. Muse
 Yet another Muse, this structured two piece suit is daring, exciting and chic.
9. Maria B.
 Maria B. again plays it safe and subtle in her latest collection but this number has something in it that calls to our Eastern roots.
10. Sublime by Sara
 In a long list of subdued colors, repetitive silhouettes and nonexistent details, this outfit was perhaps the only one that stood out.

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  1. The event look fabulous. Good post. Looking forward for more good post post from your side. Best of luck.
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  2. The event is indeed very lavish and coveted.Thank you for your appreciation :)

  3. great post dear how about we follow each other?


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