Tuesday, September 29, 2015

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If you are a bride-to-be, here are the top bridal trends from PLBW 2015 that you need to know about right now.

1. Crop the Top:

This season was more about crop tops and the revival of waist length blouses. Longer shirts were also there but were more streamlined with straighter silhouettes and little or no flare.
2. Voluminous Skirts:

The bottom halves were more voluminous as the designers incorporated western staples like petticoats. Layering was done in skirts and lehngas with sheer garments like nets and chiffons.
3. Passion in Print:

From the block prints in Ali Xeeshan's collection 'Tufaan' to the floral prints showcased by Omar Farooq and Sana Safinaz, prints were pretty rampant on the ramp in L'Orèal Paris Bridal Week and so it seems safe to say that they will subsequently be popular with the brides of 2015/16.
4. Gilded in Gold:

Fads may come and go but gold embellishments are a classic in the eastern trousseau that will never retire. This year at PLBW'15 focus was on golden gota, zardosi and tilla.
5. Harmonious Discord:

Pairing different fabrics to create a cohesive ensemble can be difficult and requires special artistry and skill but designer Sania Maskatiya nailed it perfectly. You only need look at her creation below to know that it will be a favorite look among the brides of 2015.
6. Contemporary Motifs:

PLBW'15 celebrated the daring, reckless bride of today. Designers like Kamiar Rokhni, Niki Nina and Mahgul added a contemporary edge to their range's by introducing newer motifs like animals and fruits along side the traditional designs like paisleys. The embroidered motifs substituted the archaic metallic hues with brighter, more vivacious color palettes.
7. Single Piece Wonders:

One piece wonders: HSY is the King of Couture for a reason so when his collection involve a lot single piece wonders, people are enticed to follow.
8. Fasten Your Belts:

Even though a modern commodity, belts were artistically paired with the Eastern wear at the PLBW'15 and if you too have have a thing for fusion, you might want to incorporate them in your trousseau this season.
9. On The Fringe

Whether left loose at the hemline or made into tassels, fringes were quite prevalent at the ramp this time and helped to uplift many otherwise toned down outfits to the level of playful chic.
10. 3D Embellishments:

While we may not yet be as audacious as that of our Western fashion fraternity, we were glad to see a few raised motifs and 3D embellishments here and there at the PLBW'15.
11. Net It:

Apart from the forever there brocades and chiffons, this year nets made a debut in bridal wear and were rampant whether in the form of petty coats or as a layered on garment.
12. Asymmetrical Hemlines

This trend was seen often in the high street and luxury pret collections of designers for Summer/Spring 2015. Expect Ammara Khan and HSY to incorporate it in bridal couture. 
13. Elaborately Accessorized

From the colorful pieces of jewelry by the Master of Eccentricity, Ali Xeeshan himself or elaborate head dresses and fascinators to the masterfully crafted box clutches, proper attention was paid to accessories this time and if you are walking down the aisle in the following few months be sure to select your's carefully.

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