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On March, 27th, 2015 Working Woman had its relaunch at the brand's store in DHA, Lahore. Showcased there was the brand's Spring/Summer Collection for 2015. Here is what we think of the collection.

Working Woman is the pioneer clothing brand for the working woman of Pakistan. The concept behind this brand to celebrate the working woman and help them find professional clothes for a reasonable price tag, a philosophy that has always impressed me so when I got a chance to attend the showcase of their latest collection there was no saying no.
This launch took place in their flagship store in the commercial area of H Block Market in DHA, Lahore featuring other brands by the Sefam Group. It started at 6 PM. The event wasn't exclusive. In fact if you were there shopping you would not even realize something was going on if it were not for the camera men roaming the venue or the servers carrying snacks around. Present there was the Working Woman's marketing team who were mingling and interacting with the guests. Working Woman's design head, Zarmina Khan, was also present. An interesting thing to mention is that Zarmina Khan also modeled for this collection and did it rather impeccably for an amateur. Certainly a dilemma for all the models as soon other designers may also want to follow Zarmina's footsteps. Regardless of this, Zarmina was very sweet and when I was introduced to her, kindly offered to help me with any questions I had about the collection. Here are a few pictures from the event:

Najia Qamar with guests

Designer Zarmina Khan with guest


The Spring Summer line for the Working Woman is divided into 3 specialized collections:- Fusion, Signature and Glam, catering to the 24 hour needs of the working woman. Here is what we thought of these collections.
WW's Basic Collection: This collection includes Fusion Tops that combine the best of East and West. They can be paired with anything to create a chic ensemble. The inspiration for this collection was fusion.
Working Woman's Basic Collection for Summer Spring 2015
WW's Signature Collection: A range of printed every day wear items and ensembles of  2 to 3 pieces suitable for almost every occasion. The inspiration for this collection was drawn from simple, uncluttered and themed prints like batik, tie n dye and single motifs.
Working Woman's Signature Collection for Summer Spring 2015

WW's Glam Collection: Bright, vibrant and embellished pieces designed especially for festive occasions, whether it be parties, weddings or Eid. What I like best about this collection is that the designer has created pieces that are definitely practical. Not the heavy clothes that make movement difficult. The inspiration came from bling for this collection.
Working Woman's Signature Collection for Summer Spring 2015

 The collection caters to all age groups. The design philosophy for the Spring Summer 2015 collection has been to keep things simple, suave yet sophisticated. The entire collection showcases 76 designs in a color palette that ranges from whites, beiges, tans, khakis and browns, to reds, oranges and blues; all in line with international trend forecasts.

Price & Availability:Working Woman 2015 collections are now available for retail in 15 outlets nationwide with a price range starting from PKR 990 to PKR 24000.
For more information visit The Working Woman's facebook page or shop online from theworkingwoman.
My Rating: 4.5/5

What do you guys think of the collection?


  1. Working Woman is a very good brand. Last year I bought some shirts n trousers and they were really good. Now this collection also looks awesome. Thanx for this review.

  2. Great event n post! The director who also Models too, is going to bring in a new trend :)

  3. Loving the bright colors. Nice post :)

  4. I find the previous collections much more formal as compared to these one.

  5. I love this store! They have lovely clothes and sometimes you find the most interesting pieces here. x


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