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Looking for an Eid dress that is both too good and compatible with the scorching weather? Then you have made just the right stop. Hira and Maria are dissecting multiple unstitched and pret Eid collections. From the print, price range to the availability, they bring it all for you. Read and find yourself the perfect dress this Eid.

GUL AHMED: Gul Ahmed's 2014 Eid Collection is titled ‘The Glamour Issue’. With over 130 uniquely crafted designs, The Glamour Issue is a celebration of festive summer colours and intricate embroideries. Employing different embellishments such as Meena Kari, Kaanta, Cross Stitch and Tilla embroidery, the new collection presents a range of trendy prints including metallic gold block prints and digital prints on chiffon and silks. Using high quality fabrics such as lawn, chiffon, jacquard, silk, and Swiss voiles, The Glamour Issue delivers beautiful craftsmanship in a trendy colour palette that is perfect for the sizzling summers. The new collection retails between PKR 2,000 and PKR 7,000 in price and is available at all Gul Ahmed stores nationwide. Visit their facebook page for more details.

AYESHA SOMAYA:With the onset of Ramzan and in the lead up to Eid, the design duo of Ayesha Sohail and Somaya Adnan have launched their made-to-order luxury pret Eid collection. The custom made collection is priced between Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 35,000 and is now available to order at Ayesha-Somaya design studio in Karachi and via the brands online store for deliveries in Pakistan and worldwide.Staying true to the Ayesha-Somaya design philosophy, they have crafted the new luxury pret line using filigree patterns, whimsical chiffons and nets. They have created an ultra-feminine and chic look for women to feel beautiful and special, this Eid.
Visit their facebook page for more details.

MARIA B: MARIA.B. has announced two new Eid collections for MARIA.B. Lawn and MARIA.B. Mbroidered Fabrics available at all MARIA.B. outlets and major retailers nationwide and internationally through the brands online store from July 5th and July 12th respectively.Inspired by the Pakistani staple fabric, the Eid Lawn collection is the first ever Eid collection launched by MARIA. B and is directly a result of high consumer demand. The collection features embroideries on pure chiffon and jacquard woven lawn with silk dupattas available in 3 piece unstitched outfits. The collection features 10 unique designs that make use of Lukhnavi and Chikankari and feature summery floral and classic folk inspired prints. The designs have been embellished with sequence embroideries, thick knotted cotton embroideries and digital borders. For their 2014 Eid Mbroidered Collection, the brand has introduced 8 designs embellished with feminine silk embroideries and sequins on summery chiffons. The entire collection utilizes royal burnt gold sequinces as well as floral embroideries and digital prints on pure silk chiffon and pure chamoise silks. The collection features tones of pastels and royal colours embellished with kundan and diamontee buttons incorporated in trendy 2 piece unstitched outfits. Visit Maria B's facebook page for more details.

LALA TEXTILES:Pakistani textile brand LALA introduces “Dahlia” - Exclusive Embroidered Collection at all leading stockists across Pakistan. Featuring a romantic aesthetic that is representative of Pakistan and the Subcontinent, Dahlia - Exclusive Embroidered Collection consists of 8 unique designs across a rich diversity of fabrics such as lawn, chiffon and cotton. Priced between PKR 2,500 to 5,000, the new collection also offers clients different add-on options including chiffon work, dobbie fabric, embroidered patti, panels, cotton thread embroidery and embroidered net.
Visit their facebook page for more details.

KAYSERIA:The new Eid collection,Shaadianeh, by Kayseria paid homage to several eras of the previous century, from the essence of pre-partition ‘Daur-e-Nawab’ and Amir Khusro’s Shaadi Kalaams, to the after partition 1950s film era glam of vintage cars and the retro-era of cat eye liners of the 70s, as well as an interpretation of current prevailing trends. Shaadianeh ranges between PKR 1,250 to PKR 6000.The designs of the collection are timeless, being made with the sincere intention to adorn the wearer and enhance their beauty. Kayeria’s printed fabrics from this collection with their embroideries, embellishments successfully deliver the story of retrospective fashion of the sub-continent and are each a piece to prize. Visit their facebook page for more details.

PASHA FABRICS: The House of Pasha, Pakistan’s finest quality luxury fabric manufacturers, launched their first womenswear line titled ‘Noor by Pasha’ with the debut of their Eid Collection on 21st June 2014.This collection by the House of Pasha heralds a brand new concept in summer fashion for women, with Pasha specially developing a bespoke fabric titled Flex Weave for this collection, with a unique stretchable property though it is 100% natural fibre. It absorbs moisture effectively, has exceptionally good drape quality and is highly comfortable in summer.Indeed the House of Pasha seek their Inspiration from the golden age of the Ottoman Empire, which was the centre for fashion and elegance and the producer of the finest silks, velvets and cotton in its time.Noor by Pasha is theHouse of Pasha's first ever women's line, comprising of unstitched fabric for women for Eid specifically, with customized digital prints and embroidery across 15 distinct designs. The three piece unstitched ensembles are all priced at PKR 7,500. Visit their facebook page for more details.

ADNAN PARDESY: Pardesy’s new collection expresses the brand’s signature style of creating elegance through designs that exude simplicity and minimalism. Pardesy’s Eid Collection departs from the traditional with the introduction of a range of silhouettes based in a range of solid colors only. Indeed the designers sartorial vision for Eid are pieces in solids for women that can be paired with anything existing piece in one’s wardrobe such as printed pallazos, churidaars et al. The Collection is based in broad color palette including ivory, black, yellow, royal and light blue with fabrics that are 100% Cotton, Japanese Muslins and 100% Silk Chiffons. The collection is accented with laces as trimmings along with embedded buttons of different stones. The Eid collection has two price series; Cottons will be retailed from PKR 3,500 to 7,000 and chiffons ranging from PKR 7,500 to 11,000.
The new collection will be available for retail at Tres Chic in Lahore, Labels (Karachi), The designers (Karachi and Dubai) Designers Fashion Lounge (Qatar), Reeshme Daage (Jeddah) and Verace (Islamabad).

Daraz.pk houses top brands like Change, Ego, AlKaram, Yellow and much more. The website is regularly updated to include the latest arrivals.
So what are you wearing this Eid?


  1. Great post..thanks for sharing.. Am loving Maria B's Mbroidered collection this year...

    1. I am really not a big fan of Maria B, but this collection surely is commendable :)

  2. That's a great idea to put up all the upcoming Eid collections in one post... but I loved the dress of BAT-MAN-ERELLA!!!! :p its so cute!

    1. I am going to have to steal the BAT-MAN-ERELLA title :p

  3. Very timely post! Love Kayseria's line :)

    1. Thank you Maila. I am also a big sucker for Kayseria :)


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