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When Crackle nail colors were first introduced, the novel effect was all the rage. The brands, however, that launched them were either not easily available or heavy on the pocket. When Color Studio launched its crackle nail color range it was a cheaper alternative for all the ladies. Read more to find more about the Color Studio's Crackle Nail Polish.
How to Apply:
Unlike any regular nail enamel, there is a particular method to apply crackle nail polish. Just follow the 3 steps below and you are good to go:
  1. Apply two coats of the nail polish you want as base color on prepped nails and let it dry.
  2. Now apply a single coat of Color Studio crackle nail polish. REMEMBER: Do not double coat. It will destroy the crackle effect.
  3. Seal in with top coat.    
My Experience:
Initially, Color Studio introduced its crackle nail polish in the achromatic colors of black and white, later introducing it in golden and silver hues as well for use in more formal occasions. Now with four commonly used colors it became a sought after substitute. I own CSP's black crackle. Not only can you use these to get a different look by applying on all nails, you can also incorporate these into your nail art designs. The best thing is that just like all CSP nail polishes it also doesn't dry or get thick sitting in your drawer and is usable for a very long time. Just make sure that you apply a single thin layer of crackle because two layers or even a single thick layer will completely ruin the whole effect.

  • Pocket friendly.
  • Easy application.
  • Nail art on the go for amateurs.
  • Easily available.
Cons: No issues with the product. The effect will go wrong only if the application technique is not followed correctly.

Price & Availability: CSP's Crakle nail polishes retail at the price of PKR 350 and are easily available at all leading store nationwide. They can also be bought online from CSP's website or from CSP's store at Join Color Studio's facebook page to stay updated.


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  1. I was pretty excited when CSP launched crackle nail polishes but never got around purchasing them! Now I think the trend is pretty much going. :) xx

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

    1. I agree Jadirah. The trend is not famous now. Still you can create unique effects by using crackle in nail art :)

  2. Hey there!
    Ive nominated you for a Liebster award at my blog! Hope you enjoy the post =)


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