Friday, August 8, 2014

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You will be surprised to find how easily you can nail or fail the printed tights trend.
Even though printed tights has been around for some time now, it looks like the trend is not going away any time soon, at least not in Pakistan where every brand seems to house multiple of those in store for you. So today we bring you the precautionary measures you ought to keep in mind for the next time you wear one of those.

Yay to Printed Tights:
  • wear them with short shirts. If you wear long shirts, go for plain tights instead. You do not have to follow every trend in a single ensemble.
  • wear them with plain tops. Patterned tops with patterned bottoms will simply over do the print.
  • if the pattern on your tights uses loud colors, pair it with conservative toned tops. Trust me on that one. You want to appear bold, not a clown.
  • if you are a starter preferably go for subtle prints using achromatic schemes. Just so that you know, not every risk pays off well.
Nay to Printed Tights:
  • when you wear them with long tops. Long bodices tend to hide the print thus failing to deliver the full impact of the print you are wearing.
  • Pattern on pattern; not a good idea.You may have many printed items in your closet and we understand that you want to wear them all but together you may be creating the most drastic combination ever. A watermelon print shirt with pineapple print tights? Not gonna work.
  • if you fail to understand that not every print is for you. Not every pattern complements your body shape, type. For instance if you have a chubby figure, wearing tights with a  horizontal line print will simply make you appear broader. Similarly if you are tall, a print with vertical lines will give the illusion of you being longer than you actually are. Moral of the story: Don't fall for the print. Always try before you buy.And that also if it complements your body.
Got the urge to find yourself a pair of printed tights yet? Printed tights are available at almost every brand that deals in ready to wear clothes these days. Another option would be to buy them online from
Hope you found this post helpful. Do share your thoughts with us.


  1. I used to own a pair of black & white checkerboard print tights that I loved. I wore 'em with a black tunic and they looked great! Now, why did I give them away??? Need some new printed tights! Flowers this time!

    1. Floral print is my favourite in tights :)

  2. I really like printed tights.
    They really add pop to the outfit.
    Do add me via GFC and G+, Drop a msg will add you back :)


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