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Looking for a concealer that is not heavy on pocket? You made the right stop. Read more for my review on Essence Forget It! 3 in 1 concealer.

Essence Forget It! 3 in 1 Concealer
Essence Forget It! 3 in 1 Concealer
Essence Forget It! 3 in 1 Concealer- Swatch
Essence Forget It! 3 in 1 Concealer- Applied
After: Pink corrector  and beige concealer
My Experience:
 I got this concealer back in winter (haul post) and was so put off by the fact that it didn't feel creamy and blendable. It looked rather whitish and unnatural applied on my under eye. Suffice it to say, it just sat there in my makeup drawer for quiet a while. Then when weather became warmer I decided to give it another go and there was a huge change in my opinion of the concealer.
Essence Forget It! 3 in 1 concealer comes in a round, not so sturdy, transparent packaging. The packaging is practical enough to be easily carried in your bag. Within it are a beige concealer and a green and a pink corrector. Pink to neutralize darkness, green to neutralize redness and beige to brighten.
All three shades are thick, creamy in consistency with beige being the most and green being the least pigmented. The most used shade by me is beige. It does a good job of balancing the under-eye darkness while looking very natural. I was sceptical that it would not be the right shade for my NC35 but it doesn't appear off on me. I think I it would  work fine on NC30 too. If you are lighter or darker, this concealer might not work for you.
I use beige and pink together only when I am using alot of makeup and need more coverage. Green unfortunately is a total waste for me and I haven't used it even once.
Now the biggest issue with this concealer is that if your skin is not moisturized properly, the concealer appears patchy and won't blend. But its not an issue that cannot be fixed. Just remember to slap on some moisturizer before applying the concealer if your skin feels dry.
All in all, Essence Forget it! 3 in 1 concealer is a great budget buy if you want something easy on pocket for daily use.

  • Comes with two correctors.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Easily available.
  • Appears patchy if the skin is not moisturized.
  • Doesn't work for every skin tone.
Price & Availability: Essence forget it! 3 in 1 concealer retails at PKR 360 and can be bought from all leading stores across the country. You can also buy it online from just4girls. Like Essence Pakistan's facebook page to stay updated.
My Rating: 3.5/5

Hope you found this review helpful.


  1. Thanks for an honest review.. I too feel cream concealers appear a bit patchy if skin is not properly moisturized.

  2. Affordable but application is tricky. Nice review.

    1. I agree about the tricky application part Kiran. Thanks for stopping by..xoxo...

  3. Honest and nice review :) keep it up :)

  4. The trio looks so convenient, but I wish it came in more shades and were creamy! :) x

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  5. Tabassum can u do a neutral eyelook as your eyes are similar to mine


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