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There are face washes available in market that only serve the good old purpose of cleaning your face. Then there are those catering to the problems of acne and pores. RSL Hydra White claiming fairer and even skin was a first for me. Keep on reading to know my thoughts on it.

RSL Hydra White Whitening Face Wash
Claim: Hydra White Whitening Face Wash is a skin whitener designed to remove dirt, pollution and oil build up. Visible results in less then 4 weeks. Use daily to achieve fairer and healthier skin. Clinically approved and Dermatologically tested.
Directions: Moisten face with luke warm water, apply small amount and massage in a circular motion. Leave on for 3 minutes. Wash off with water and pat skin dry.
RSL Hydra White Whitening Face Wash
RSL Hydra White Whitening Face Wash
RSL Hydra White Whitening Face Wash
My Experience:
RSL Hydra White Whitening Face Wash comes in the usual packaging, a flip top tube. Though due to the runny consistency of the face wash, a bottle would have been more convenient. The first thing I noticed about the face wash was its smell. Its a pleasant soft fruity smell that doesn't linger.
The face wash has only a slippery soapy feel to it and doesn't lather much, so I don't get that psychological feeling that my face is clean though it does the job of cleaning my face pretty well.
Unlike other face washes RSL Hydra White is supposed to be left on the face for 3 minutes instead of being washed immediately. I tried it this way only once as it makes my face really really dry. I wash my face with it like regular face wash and the dryness is bearable, just like I get from my Ponds face wash and can be righted by using Hydra White cream.
As for the other claims, this face wash does brighten the skin but as soon as I apply some heavy moisturizer to get rid of the dryness, the brightening effect is lost. Still I can see I will be using this face wash regularly in summers.
My Rating: 3.5/5

RSL Hydra White Whitening Cream

Claim: Hydra White Whitening  cream restores skin to even complexion. Formulated to brighten skin with a mix of Octadecenedioic Acid,Licorice and Niancinimide. Immediate result in less than 7 days with best results in 4 weeks of use. Clinically and Dermatologically tested.
Directions: After Hydra White Whitening Face Wash, apply all over face at night. Use twice daily for best results.
RSL Hydra White Whitening Cream
RSL Hydra White Whitening Cream
RSL Hydra White Whitening Cream
My Experience: RSL Hydra White Whitening Cream has the same packaging as the face wash. Consistency of the cream is really thick, which makes blending quite a task. My biggest turn off is that the cream does not sink in. Instead forms a layer on my skin and gives a heavy feeling. Even if I wash my face hours after applying the cream, I can feel it sliding of my face.
The cream does well enough for the moisturizing part. It makes my skin look really healthy. The cream has a dewy finish and I can not even wear it for 5 minutes under sun. I get this unbearable urge to wash my face.I don't see myself using it in summer.
I have been using this cream at night regularly for some weeks now but I haven't noticed any major changes in my skin. It just seems slightly even toned and I do not think this effect will last once I stop using the cream.
All in all, this cream is a dream come true for those with dry skin. As for those with oily skin like me, it is a good moisturizer for winter.
My Rating: 3/5

Cost & Availability:
RSL Hydra White Whitening Face Wash and Whitening Cream cost PKR 95 and PKR 150 respectively (both 60ml). RSL can be bought from stores across Karachi and online at beauty arena and Join RSL's facebook page to stay updated.

Have you tried RSL yet?
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  1. I do this trick with facewashes that dry my cheeks since my skin is combo si basically i mosturise my face and then fash my face so i have a face which is hydrated

    1. Thats a great tip Mehreen. Will surely try it :)

  2. Nice and honest review.....xoxoxo....:)

  3. Great review!
    I usually stock upon indian products whenever I come to India.

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  4. nice review .. m soon gonna review them as well :)

  5. im not familiar with the brand, but i am very intrigued with these products. great review by the way.

  6. Nice review!
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  7. well I will pass on the face wash.great review.xoxoxo


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