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For long you may have gaped at expensive hair fascinators and bands, drooled at the mere sight of them and dreamed of having them but not anymore. Keep on reading to learn new ways to style your hair without having to spend a penny.                                                                                                                            
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  1. In the image below, a very elaborate piece of jewellery has been used to embellish the hair but then you do not happen to have the resources purchase it. What you can do is to use a similar looking earring instead. Use a bobby pin to hold the accessory in place and you are good to go.
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  2. To acquire the look below, replace the jewellery on the crown of the head with a necklace and clasp the hooks at desired length. Again use bobby pins around the bun to hold the necklace in place.           
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  3. In the following image, you see an orchid hair accessory. What I did to copy the look was to tie my hair into a pony and then separate them in two sections. I rolled and pinned the first section to cover my pony. After it I took a bangle ( choose one that is thick enough and in high contrast with the colour of your hair so that it shows off to its best ) and squeezed it over the rolled section to the base of my head. Again I rolled the remaining part of my hair and pinned it above the first section.Use a bangle of your choice and follow the instructions above to create your own look.                          
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  4. You have many a times seen braids decorated with artificial flowers but do not know where to buy them or can not afford them in your meagre pocket money. Use a discarded beaded lace to entwine in your hair when braiding them or cut off flowers from laces to attach to your hairstyle.                          
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  5. To give yourself a funky appearance, cut three pieces of cloth from an old outfit that you no longer use and make a simple braid tied on both ends by a sturdy rubber band. Sport in way similar to that shown in the image and you are good to rock a party.                                                                                 
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  6. To add variety to your ensembles, replace laces with plain ribbons and incorporate them in your hairstyles the similar way.                                                                                                                                                        
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Do tell if you find this post helpful. Also share with us quirky ideas of your own that you use to adorn your hair.
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  1. Very helpful post......love the tips.....xoxoxo....^_^


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