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Rimmel London's Stay Matte has been talked about and loved by many, so my expectations from this product were obviously quite high. Does it live up to the hype? Read more to see whats my take on this product.
Claim: Up to 5 hours natural shine control with natural minerals. Helps minimize the appearance of pores. Dermatologically tested.

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Transparent
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Transparent
 My Experience:
I am probably the last person on the face of earth to talk about Stay Matte. Still I am hoping that you will take some time out to read this review. Stay Matte comes in 7 shades. Luckily I was able to get my hands on the powder in Shade 001-Transparent.
The packaging is nothing fancy. The transparent lid seems flimsy and the only elaborate thing is the  Rimmel's logo engraved on the powder. Even an applicator is not included but then appearances can be deceptive for Rimmel successfully keeps up with its promise. The powder is not only transparent on my NC 35 but is also transparent on even darker skin tones.
The powder in itself has a very soft texture which makes it very easy to apply. In just one swipe, it does its job giving your face a matte appearance and hence leaving no room for further application. To apply anymore is to give your face a cakey a look. It keeps my face matte for upto 4 hours.
While it claims to minimise the pores, the powder does very little with regard to this and only a slight diminishing takes place. It is also important to mention that it highlights the dry patches of your skin so if you have a dry skin it will be mandatory for you to use a moisture before applying it.
All in all Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder lives upto its reputation. While it comes with some trivial flaws, the powder effectively does its job with a reasonable price tag. It has turned out to be a staple in my daily routine.


  • Upto 4 hours of shine control.
  • Stays transparent on avariety of skin tones.
  • Layering is not necessary, mattifies your face in one swipe.
  • No applicator.
  • Packaging is not sturdy.
  • Highlights dry patches.
Cost & Availability: Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder is easily available at all leading stores across the country at the price of PKR 750. Like Rimmel's facebook page to stay updated.
My Rating: 4.25/5



  1. I'm not too keen on powders either. Just got my Rimmel few days ago due to - like you said - the "hype" :-)
    Let's hope it performs as well as it did for you :-)

    1. Its a great product bia. Hopefully you will also like it :)

  2. this is my holy grail powder. have been using this for months, and i love it!

  3. Its a very good product...been using it for like a year now but i use shade pink blossom :-)

    1. I find the shade transparent really helpful. Saves me the trouble of finding the right shade :)

  4. its an awesom powder.I wish it could do smthin for pores too.great review dear.xoxo

    1. It would have been great if the powder did something for the pores but I love it none the less :)

  5. Sounds amazing.....Nice pick.....xoxoxo.....:)


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