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Recently we had the opportunity to shop from, a online bag store. Keep on reading to know our shopping experience.
CLAIM: Platinum offers you a shopping experience that is unparalleled in Pakistan. We provide the most trendy, stylish and reliable shopping platform that is light on your pockets with an unmatched convenience.

SIZE: 29*24*3*cm.
SHOPPING EXPERIENCE: Every girl loves bags but me and Hira happen to have a special partiality towards cross-body bags and when we got a chance to shop from PLATINUM.PK we had to get another one of those lovelies. As mentioned above the bag comes in a brown shade, both the color and simplistic style allowing for it to be sported as a casual accessory besides lending a chic look (Haul Post).
There is a wide variety of brands available including Blanco, Dorothy Perkins, Nine West and Zara. The types of bags include clutches, envelope bags, satchels, totes and baguettes available on the website.The site is well organised with the bags categorized both into brands and types. This allowed even a person like me to place the order in just a matter of minutes. It is also important to note that your personal information is secure there. If the amount is paid via bank transfer, there are no shipping charges. The other alternative is cash on delivery but requires a meager charge of Rs200/-which I believe is worth the shopping experience. We placed our order and received a call the following day confirming our order. In four days we had our order in our hands in a big box with details imprinted on it. If there is any flaw the product can be returned within 48 hours of receiving the parcel which I confirm is highly unlikely because all the orders are checked before being dispatched.
Now comes the biggest issue of all, that is the authenticity of the bags. We have gone to great lengths to confirm if the bag is original but we are still unsure. First test the bag had to undergo was barcode scanning and the barcode scanner wouldn't even acknowlegde the barcode on the tag of our bag. We were sure that our bag was a replica. Still we took quite some pictures of the bag and asked Forever 21 for guidance. Their answer was that the bag looked like one of their bags available for sale in 2012 and was probably original. Still we couldn't ignore the fact that the barcode scanner showed no result. For all we know the bag is probably a first copy and looks same as the original but might not be. Quality of the bag is good though.
Since we are not sure, we can say that if the bag is original its well and good but if it is a replica we surely commend the quality. The prices are quite steep in that case though. We will surely update the post if the bag wears off in coming months.
We also have a good news for our lovely readers. Use the discount code sister at checkout when shopping from and get 10% off of your purchase.

Have you shopped from What do you think of our purchase?
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  1. nice review x

  2. Great review. I ordered the same bag, because I own Forever21 bags. This definitely is not original. You can actually tell from the quality even if you don't use it. If they say it is replica, and reduce the prices it is fine. But selling with the original name and price tag is wrong.

    1. I agree Rabiyah. Even though the quality is not bad, the bag surely is not an original.

  3. Lovely bag but in my opinion its a replica....I have seen the quality of bags posted by other bloggers too and from the pix one can easily judge that the bags are not original....And for a replica paying 3000 to 4000 is a huge amount....xoxoxoxo.....:)

    1. You are right Maria. The prices are not justified. They should be reduced.

  4. I have yet to go to the brand store and get my bag checked.They sure do charge like the bag is original.Great review and love your pick.


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