Monday, November 4, 2013

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Hello lovely ladies. Today I will share with you the Mermaid Nails I did using hexagon glitter.

The nail colors used in this nail art are Color Studio's Haute nail color in Radiate, Sweet Touch nail color in China Blue (1003), Bloop nail color (green). In addition to that you need a sponge, nail art glitter, top coat and base coat.
Color Studio's Haute nail color in Radiate, Bloop nail color (green), Sweet Touch nail color in China Blue (1003)
A piece of sponge
Hexagon Glitter
Prep your nails before by applying base coat and white nail color if you want your manicure to be long lasting and the colors to stand out. To do this nail art, apply the three nail polishes on a sponge side by side in a way that they are slightly over lapping. Dab the sponge on your nails to transfer the colors. Seal it off with a top coat.
For my ring finger I applied base coat and quickly applied glitter on it randomly. Lock in the glitter using a top coat.
Color Studio and Sweet Touch Nail Colors are available at all leading stores across the country.
Thank you for taking out the time to view my tutorial. Please note that this design is my own work and not a recreation. Since I am a learner I would appreciate your creative opinions and constructive criticism. If you liked my nail art, please give it a try and share my post with those who want to learn.
Click here to view the rest of my work.

I hope you liked my manicure.


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