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These are the most common types of women tops you need to know about!

1. T-shirt: As the name suggests, it gets its name from the T shaped silhouette and comes in a knitted jersey material.
2. Tank Top: It is a close fitted, sleeveless top, mostly worn as an under shirt.

3. Tube top: It is a shoulderless, sleeveless knitted top that fits over the torso.
4. Halter Top:It is again sleeveless and has a single strap that goes around the neck. Incorporated in both formal and informal wear.

5. Blouse: Any top with blousing, the top is gathered at or near the waist.
6. Peasant Shirt: A loose top with wide puffed sleeves.

7. Uniform Shirt: It is a button up with front closure and cuffed sleeves.
8. Wrap Around Top: A top that wraps around the side. In local terms, it is the angrakha.

9. Peplum Top: Peplum top contains a flared strip of fabric attached to a simple bodice.
10. Empire Line Top: Has gathers just below the bust that flares downwards.

11. Tunic: It is a a loose fitted top, that reaches to the waist or is longer.
12. Corset: A tightly fitted top that is worn as an under shirt to shape the body.

13. Draped top: It is not a fitted garment rather is sewn with folds to add grace to it.

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