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It may be our favourite hand & foot scrub ever!

The Brand Claims:
Hands and Feet Whitening Cream
Hands and feet can sometimes pose a significant challenge in getting rid of dull and dark look that spoil your entire beautiful aroma. The dry and dead skin that accumulate around your your toes , between the fingers and on your heels can be stubborn . It often does not “respond” to some lotions like your body does. In that case, you have to retort to all natural truly effective ingredients to battle dryness all while treating your feet like a beautiful pair they are.
Nature Charms Exfoliating + Nourishing hand and foot cream has ingredients like Aloe Vera, Lemon,Milk butter,Lemon and Essential Oils that give your hands and feet a silky smooth feel and a bright glowing appeal.
Its unique scrub off formula gently removes dirt and grime while it’s nourishing components milk ,Aloe Vera and Essential oils penetrates into deeper layers of skin dermis and provides dry skin layers of hands & feet with deep moisturizing and hydration. The dry spots disappear.

My Experience:
No matter how conscious you may be of your appearance, the fact is that your hands and feet are generally ignored. Nature Charms is an online Facebook based business that sells homemade organic products. Today I will be talking about their Exfoliating and Nourishing Hand and Foot Cream that comes with some serious claims. The cream comes in a plastic tub that appears to house a bit less than 100ml of the product. The cream has a runny consistency with liberal amount of exfoliating particles in it.

It has the weird scent of skin care items you generally find in the market but I can't quite place it. The scent does linger after application but isn't very strong. The way I use is that every night before bed, I apply some of it on the desired area and rub it in. Since the formula is oil based, I let it sit for 5-10 minutes so that the oil gets absorbed in and makes my skin super moisturised. Then I rub it lightly with my fingers. The exfoliating particles perform some sort of a miracle and remove all the dead skin and grime with barely any pressure applied. 

With regular use I have noticed that my hands and feet look considerably cleaner, no doubt courtesy of aloe vera and lemon milk. Does it make my hands and feet whiter? No, you can't get Snow White's feet if you are Jasmine. No cream is actually supposed to whiten unless it contains harmful chemicals. It removes the dead skin and brings out the clean skin underneath. The dark spots on my skin have become considerably lighter. Does it have a lasting effect? No. Just like any scrub and moisturiser, it does it's job as long as you keep using it. Remember, the elements are constantly working against your skin and no product can fight them if you are not using it. The cream comes with instructions to keep it in the fridge but as I said earlier, it is oil based and tends to solidify so I prefer to keep it in room temperature. The oils sometimes separate this way but I just give it a mix before use. My only concern about this cream is that the oil leaves print everywhere. I can not even imagine sitting on my bed right after I use it. 
All in all, Nature Charms Exfoliating and Nourishing Hand and Foot Cream is miracle in a jar. It is moisturising enough to keep my hands and feet nourished throughout the year. You don't break the bank, even with added benefit of getting even toned skin.

  • Easily available.
  • Removes the dead skin and brings out the clean skin underneath.
  • Considerably lightens dark spots.
  • None
Price & Availability: Nature Charms Exfoliating Nourishing Hand+ Foot Cream can be bought for $7 from Nature Charms. Check out Nature Charm's Facebook Page here.

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