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We tried temporary hair dyes so you wouldn't have to!

Hair Chalks (24 small)
Hair Chalks (24 small)

size of a chalk
My Experience:
Hair chalking has been around for a while and masses seem to be caught in its charm. Hair chalks are basically powder pigments, best for those who want to do something different with their hair but do not want it to be permanent.
I bought hair chalks in a pack of 24 which contains chalks for every  kind of hair color. Size of each chalk is about 2.5cm. These chalks feel a lot like dry pastels and I have seen many people substituting them for these too. As dry pastels are meant for a completely different task I would suggest not using them due to possible side effects. After all, its your natural hair that is at stake.
Before trying out the chalks for first time, I read a lot of tutorials on the web but unfortunately it did not work for me. Almost all of those said that you have to twist the strand of hair you want to color and rub the chalk on it. I was heart broken to see it not working for me as I absolutely loved how they looked on hair. With time I found a way that worked for me, which I will share with you in this post later.
Though it might be tempting to have your hair colored differently each day, I would advise against it. Hair chalk are powdered pigments, which means they absorb moisture from your hair. The area on which hair chalks are applied feels dry and stiff upon touching but once you wash your hair they are back to normal. If the use of hair chalks is regular, I fear the damage might be permanent.

How To Use:
  1. Style your hair before as the color comes off with brushing. (I did a simple ponytail.)
  2. Separate a strand for coloring.
  3. Wet the strand of hair and if you like also the tip of your chalk. (You can skip this step if you have blond or light hair but without this step color won't show up on darker hair.)
  4. With your palm under the strand start rubbing your chalk over it. This way hair will spread out on your palm and all of them will get colored. (You may wash your hands later. It comes off easily.)
  5. TaaDaa... the color will show up on your hair. You can use a blow dryer or curling rod on the colored strands as heat makes the color last longer.
Remember, DO NOT brush your hair after chalking them as the color comes of with the brush. You can make the color last whole day if you do not brush them. Drape a rough cloth or a towel on your shoulders while chalking if your clothes are in danger of getting ruined.
Hair chalking
Hair chalking
  • Perfect for a unique look.
  • Color comes off with a single wash.
  • Affordable way to get a saloon style look.
  • Might make your hair dry and rough.
  • Comes off if hair is brushed.
  • Not easily available.
Price and Availability: Hair chalks can be bought from an online facebook store Nail Art Affordable Range. They sell 12 (small) chalk, 24 (small) chalk and 24 (big) chalk packs for PKR 300, 550 and 850 respectively.
P.S: Did you know any non-toxic dry pastels can be used as hair chalks!

My Rating: 3.5/5

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