Wednesday, July 20, 2016

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Cosnova, the company behind Essence Cosmetics and Catrice has introduced another brand L.O.V and here are all the product details.

Prestige products in the high-end mass market. L.O.V unites a prestige brand’s premium quality, sophistication, and design with an availability in drugstores at appealing prices. Sensuality meets performance, femininity meets strength.L.O.V is multifaceted. Each individual product – a L.O.Vstory in itself.

Below are the details of L.O.V's complete product range.

Bestdressed Mascaras- 2 Variants
Bestdressed Eye Pencil- 7 Variants
Browtitude Brow Gel Serums- 3 Variants
Eye Brow Contour Palette- 2 Palettes
Browtitude Eye Brow Pencil- 4 Shades
Confessioneyes Kohl Pencil- 3 Variants

Confidentialiner Eyeliner Pen
Confidential Camouflage Concealer Palette
Guilt Eyes Fan Effect Mascara- 2 Variants
Lashaffair Mascara- 3 variants
Lineattitude Dip Liner
Loviconyx Eyeshadow & Contour Palette- 3 Palettes
Perfectitude Eyeshadow Primer
Glacious Stylo Eyeshadow- 6 variants
Sophisticated Eyeshadow- 3 variants
Unexpected Eyeshadow-6 variants
Divine Sheer Beauty Nail Color- 4 variants
Dualist 2in1 Powder Foundation- 6 variants
Evenelixir Foundation-5 shades
Lovinity Longlasting Nail Laquer- 14 shades
Heartful Healthy Glow Blush- 6 shades
Luvsun HD Matte Bronzer- 2 variants
Perfectitude Face Perfecting Palette
Perfectitude Mattifying Powder
Perfectitude Translucent Loose Powder
The Undressed 12H Moisturizing Foundation- 5 variants
Lipaffair Color & Care Lip Pencil- 8 variants
Lip Affair Color & Care Lipstick- 16 variants
These and more L.O.V products will be available for sale from 15 August in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in many Müller, Rossman and Budni drugstore branches, in the Douglas Online shop as well as in selected perfumeries – and on L.O.V's  online shop

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