Sunday, July 17, 2016

Contouring too much for you? Try sun stripping instead!!
Contouring just keeps evolving!! Sun stripping is the newest in line to contouring, tontouring, nontouring and many more...
It is the newest trend in bronzing where a person bronzes parts of their face where sunlight directly hits.
Draping is the new Contouring!!

Start by selecting a bronzer in the shade you would naturally tan it.
TIP; Select a non-shimmery bronzer as the sun does not cause the skin to shimmer. Remember striping is all about a natural look.

Using a dense kabuki brush gently sweep the bronzer across the perimeter of the face.
The Ultimate Makeup Brushes Guide

Basically you draw a 3 on both sides of your face with a bronzer.

Next sweep the bronzer across the bridge of your nose.

Finally don't forget to blend!!
Remember blending is the key to success.

Hallelujah you are stripping Sun stripping :)!!

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