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Here's why you want to try Medora:

Easy Availability!!
When I say easily available, I mean in the sense that it's at every shop you swing by. From the average shop in every gali and muhalla, to the 'fancy' shops in skyscraper malls, Medora is found almost everywhere: you bet it. You just name the place! Medora shopping is just like going to the fridge, to soothe your midnight cravings: you will definitely find some leftovers from the dinner last night to help your grumbling stomach.

It has been around forever!!
It is the brand you have often stolen from your mother's vanity as a kid and swiped it across your lips mercilessly, the brand your mother used in her teenages and probably the same one that your grandmother wore on her wedding day: there is a strong sense of customer loyalty and sentimental value associated with the brand that can not be ignored. It is basically the brand you have grown up with. Think of it as a sibling of sorts. Or maybe not. It's up to you.

Most economical brand: Ever!!
A Medora lipstick costs about PKR 100, or 110 depending on how much the distributor decides to charge you. Other local brands like Swiss Miss or Becute, offer the same quality, or worse but charge more. I remember I bought a Becute lipstick last year and it cost me about PKR 250. A Swiss Miss lipstick is priced at PKR 120 but Medora still wins by a difference of 10! So basically Medora's are the only lipsticks which you can buy in bunch even when you are broke and not be financially affected at all.

Diversity of shades!
Do you know the total no of Medora lipstick shades? You definitely don't. Not even us. Actually no one does, except from the manufacturers. Or probably nor do they. It seems plausible to say that he no of shades are infinite. Every time I go Medora shopping, there is a whole lot of new shades available. Red, ccarlet, crimson, tangerine, magenta: you name it!! Medora has lipsticks for every possible shade of a color!! Just the total range of their lipsticks probably outnumbers the entire makeup range of makeup brands. Get the idea here!?

The different finishes available!!
If you are not a Medora junkie, you probably don't know this but Medora Lipsticks come in 3 different finishes: creamy, semi matte and matte. I know it's a shocker!! I had the same reaction when I first found about it. Guess the medora makers are not as backward as we all wrongly assumed themselves to be.

The perfect formula!!
Matte lipstick formulas can be very merciless. But Medora has developed the formula, polished and perfected it over the years and now I can safely say it has one of the best matte lipstick formulas.
Decades of practice does come in handy,right!?  It don't not chap out your lips relentlessly but keeps them matte.

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