Friday, June 24, 2016

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Its officially time for a makeup revolution as one of our favorite clothing brands, Juniad Jamshed, brings a Turkish beauty brand, Note Cosmetics, to Pakistan.
No Makeup is enough Makeup.

Note Cosmetics, the beauty brand which will be officially distributed by one of our favorite fashion houses in Pakistan, Junaid Jamshed Clothing, is available for sale starting June,24th.

J. Makeup's Philosophy:
J. staying loyal to its tradition of bringing the best, introduces to its customers, a must have series of vibrant and colorful cosmetics for your face, eyes and lips. With a realm of palettes, that includes nudes, reds, pinks and purples, you are sure to make a grand entrance. Turn heads with J. distinctive line of makeup with stunning options that will satisfy the modern women's desire to stand out of the crowd. With J. Makeup, dare to be different.

Below is the complete range of products that you can buy from J. Makeup.

BB Cream Price: PKR 1285
BB Concealer Price: PKR 1285
Luminous Moisturizing Foundation Price: PKR 1485
Sunglow Foundation Price: PKR 1650

Luminous Silk Cream Powder Price: PKR 1185
Luminous Silk Compact Powder Price: PKR 1185
Terracotta Blusher Price: PKR 1085
Terracotta Powder Price: PKR 1085
Bronzing Powder Price: PKR 2785

Ultra Volume Mascara Price: PKR 1085
Perfect Lash Mascara Price: PKR 1085
Ultra Black Dipliner: PKR 585
Ultra Black Eyeliner: PKR 585
Intense Look Eye Pencil Price: PKR 685
Smokey Eye Pencil Price: PKR 885
Eyebrow Pencil Price: PKR 685
Ultra Rich Color Eye Pencil Price: PKR 550
Professional Eyeshadow Palette Price: PKR 1685 
Luminous Silk Mono Eyeshadow Price: PKR 685
Luminous Silk Quattro Eyeshadow Price: PKR 1085

Rich Color Lipstick Price: PKR 685
Long Wearing Lipstick Price: PKR 885
Matte Moist Lipstick Price: PKR 985
Matte Moist Lipgloss Price: PKR 985
Long Wearing Lipgloss Price: PKR 785
Hydra Color Lipgloss Price: PKR 685
Creamy Lipstick Price: PKR 1285

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Lots of Love,
Maria :)


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    1. We were actually pleasantly surprised but you see, they are distributing the brand not launching it, so its plausible :)

  2. Replies
    1. We are actually not aware of all the prices yet, we will hopefully have them all by tomorrow and then we will update them:)

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  4. I wonder about the quality, some of these do look promising. x

    Jadirah Sarmad at Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  5. I initially thought that J. was launching their own brand. but bringing more to Pakistan is also not a bad idea.
    Khaista Blogs

  6. Thats a turkish brand. I think they're the distributors. Great initiative though.

  7. Asalam. What are the ingredients in the mk up.?

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