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Gone are the days when a person thought hundred times before getting something done to their hair. Now days, we want it all. But keeping up with the latest trends may cost a lot of damage to the hair. This is where OLAPLEX comes in.

OLAPLEX is a salon service that can be used in multiple ways to protect your hair. For hair that has been compromised chemically or thermally, this should be your first step. The Bond Multiplying System can be used as a reset button for your client's hair and by doing so allows you to rebuild the strength, structure and integrity to the point where a color or chemical service would then be feasible once again. This treatment may be done before and/or after a chemical service and may be applied in the salon once a week or more. Compatible with all hair types from virgin to extremely compromised chemically treated hair.
One option is to use it as a tool while coloring your hair, especially if going several shades lighter. By mixing OLAPLEX with color, it is ensured that hair damage is dramatically reduced. Another option is to get the standalone treatment by OLAPLEX to strengthen damaged hair or prepare it for future chemical treatments. Either way, OLAPLEX will make certain that you get smoother and stronger hair. The best part about OLAPLEX is that it repairs your hair at a molecular level.

OLAPLEX is a hair treatment that benefits the clients and make the stylist's work a lot easier. It is a treatment loved and recommended by celebrities and their stylists. When styling superstar Jennifer Lopez’s hair for the Billboard Music Awards 2015 recently, OLAPLEX’s VP of Education, Slim (IG: @slim_color) (who filled in for Hollywood celebrity colorist Tracey Cunningham) shared how she used OLAPLEX to achieve the perfect color for Jennifer without compromising on the integrity of her hair: “I applied JLo's base color then applied Olaplex No.2 to her ends. Her midshaft through ends are heavily highlighted with beautiful bright pieces. Her 30 min processing time is a great opportunity to treat the rest of her hair and restore the broken bonds by applying the No.2 at the same time! Just make sure to rinse well before applying a gloss or toner."
When Kim Kardashian recently hosted her much awaited masterclass to share her beauty secrets for haircare, she made a special mention of OLAPLEX saying, “When your hair is really damaged, if you sleep in that, it really works. I notice a huge difference!”

OLAPLEX was introduced in Pakistan in a recent activity held at Ali Teiseen's salon. I also had a chance to attend the event. The event started with hair expert Ali Raza giving a detailed introduction and live demonstration of OLAPLEX. Following the demonstration, the guests present got a chance to get the treatment on themselves to experience the results firsthand. And I have to say that I was awestruck after the treatment and my fellow bloggers had similar thoughts.
Olaplex Bloggers Meetup

Olaplex Bloggers Meetup
Olaplex Treatment Underway
Olaplex Treatment Underway
Olaplex Treatment Underway
Bloggers L to R: Fakhra, Hira & Aamal
Speaking about why he feels a product like OLAPLEX will be successful in Pakistan, CEO AestheticLife/OLAPLEX Pakistan says, “Olaplex is a game changing product in the hair industry. It has the ability to help stylists achieve results which they previously could not without compromising hair. No matter what brand of products the stylists use, it will compliment their work. However with the general low level of technical knowledge in Pakistan, it will be a challenge yet exciting to see how stylists can make the best use of Olaplex.”

You do need to keep in mind that it is a salon treatment and the timing of it matters a lot. It is not something you can decide to get anytime by yourself. Proper consultation with a hair expert is a must.

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  1. it was fun attending the event :) the product is really good :)

  2. Lovely post Hira ! loved the event and was great meeting you

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  4. Finally a product which will protect hair from damage :) thanks for sharing!

  5. How I purchase olaplex.from hyderabad sindh pakistan


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