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Well-Beeing Bee-Awake facial cleanser made it to our 2014 favourites. Find out why:

The Brand Claims:
Our daily cleanser for dry and normal skin is without soap, chemical preservatives, and coloring, removes dirt debris and impurities. Nourishing Kaolin clay, absorbing fuller's earth balances skin sebum while oatmeal deep cleanses. Gentle exfoliation with sucrose helps eliminating dead skin cells away. Vitamin rich Olive oil lightly moisturizes the skin. Alert your senses with the awakening dose of caffeine that helps with puffy skin to get firm, smooth and tighten its appearance. Antioxidants contained in caffeine counter free radicals and aid eliminating them, giving a younger and healthier looking skin. This cleanser also helps to restore the hydrolipidic barrier and forms a nourishing & protective film on skin.
How To Use: Wet your face with water. Take a pea size chunk in your palm, mix with a little water and massage to make a paste. Apply on your face and neck in circular motions. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.
Well-Beeing Bee-Awake Facial Cleanser for normal to dry skin
Well-Beeing Bee-Awake Facial Cleanser for normal to dry skin
Well-Beeing Bee-Awake Facial Cleanser for normal to dry skin

My Experience:
I have already explained about Well Beeing in an earlier post. Click here to read the post if you haven't already.
Well Beeing cleansers come in five variants, meant for different skin types. The one I will be reviewing today is called Bee-Awake and is meant for Normal to Dry skin. 
Bee-Awake comes in a glass jar. The small size renders it travel friendly. Even though the quantity appears very little, it is supposed to last for an average of 3 months if used once daily. And I believe that it will indeed last long as hardly a pea size is required for a single use.
The cleanser exudes a strong scent that is supposed to be of coffee but I fail to connect the two. Whatever the actual scent, I love it. It gets straight to my head and does a fine job of alerting my senses, hence the name Bee Awake. The cleanser has a grainy texture. It is supposed to be used by mixing a few drops of water in it and rubbing it on your face. The cleanser does its job fairly quickly. Rubbing it for too long proves harsh on skin and may cause redness.
Bee-Awake is meant to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize and it does an exceptional job of that. In less than a minute it washes the grime and excess oil off my face. My blackheads disappear and I feel that it instantly brightens my face. I was worried that since it is meant for normal to dry skin Bee-Awake would feel oily but was pleasantly surprised to see that my face was left hydrated without any trace of excess oil. It works perfectly for me these days because my combo to oily skin gets pretty dry in winter. I probably won't be using it in the warmer months because of the level of moisturization it provides.
Since the cleanser is completely organic, you have to be careful to avoid getting it in contact with water to prevent the growth of mold. Like many other Well-Beeing products, Bee-Awake is unisex.

  • Effectively cleanses my face of impurities
  • Brightens up my face instantly
  • Provides mild exfoliation and moisturization
  • Neither drying nor excessively oily
  • Substantial amount of product
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Inexpensive
  • 100% organic.
  • Might be harsh on sensitive skin
  • Not suitable for oily skin in warmer months
  • Can't be used for makeup removal.
Price & Availability: Bee-Awake lip balm can be bought for PKR 550 (approx. $5.5) through Well-Beeing's facebook page or their website. They deliver all over Pakistan.
My Rating: 4.5/5

Have you tried any Well-Beeing products? How was your experience with them?
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  1. Liked your explanation of Bee Awake!! Nicely Reviewed :)

    Love XoxoX

  2. It really brighten up face instantly, i really liked it. Great review :)

  3. Seema like a good product but won't suit my combination skin. Thankx for the review :)

    1. I also have combo skin but it it gets pretty dry in winter so Bee-Awake works great for me in those days :)

  4. I really wana try this product :) good review

    1. Do give it a try Sorath. Its very effective and economical :)

  5. This seems like a great cleanser. Nice review

  6. Seems like a great product .. thanks for sharing dear x

  7. Loved your honest review :) And this product looks so good but i wont be getting this as it is not suitable for oily skin.

    1. You can get the Well-Beeing cleanser meant for oily skin Anna. All the details can be found on their Facebook page :)


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