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A product that looks and smell as yummy as effective its result is.

About The Brand: A skin care range that ensures active Organic & Natural ingredients for a healthy skin & glowing YOU. A complete body & mind Organic Shop.
The Brand Claims: JO’s Organic chocolate face scrub is a bundle of skin rejuvenating, hydrating, and soothing skin care. JO’s Organic Chocolate face scrub has a base of finest Belgium chocolate, which is a great mood booster. Its magical properties will give you results such as 
- Imparts glow to face
- Moisturizes the skin
- Prevents Wrinkles
- Anti-oxidant & anti- ageing
- Prevents blemishes
- Increases Collagen production

Jo's Organic Beauty Chocolate Face Scrub
Jo's Organic Beauty Chocolate Face Scrub
Jo's Organic Beauty Chocolate Face Scrub
How To Use: 
Apply on wet face. Massage in circular motion until particles dissolve. Rinse off with water.

My Experience:
Jo's Organic Beauty Chocolate Face Scrub comes in a sturdy transparent plastic tub topped with a dark brown lid. The first thing that hits you the second you open the jar is the chocolatey aroma. The smell alone is enough to warm anyone's insides and soothe their senses.
The product should come with a label saying, "Do Not Eat". Because with that chocolatey smell and appearance who can resist? I couldn't. And as expected it tastes just like a gooey chocolate brownie. With its all organic ingredients a taste is not harmful but seriously, just keep it away from your mouth.
I use the scrub two to three times a week. The coarse sugar particles do their job very well. They effectively get rid of the dead skin without being harsh on my skin (My skin is not sensitive but those who do have sensitive skin might find it a bit harsh). The end result is a fresh, healthy and glowing skin. What I do not like about the product is the layer of oil which appears on my skin every use. It feels very heavy even for my dry, winter skin. Depending on your skin type it could be a plus and you can even skip the moisturizer after scrubbing your face.
In my opinion the tub is not big enough to last a season, it depends upon how frequently you use it though. Another thing to remember is that since the scrub is organic, you have to keep your tub away from moisture as that would facilitate growth of mold on your product.
To sum it up will be to say that Jo's Organic is a savior for dry winter skin.

  • Leaves skin hydrated and healthy.
  • Gets rid of dead skin.
  • Practical packaging and heavenly aroma.
  • Not harsh on skin.
  • Good for dry and flaky winter skin.
  • Affordable.
  • Leaves a layer of oil on skin.
  • Not ideal for oily skin.
  • Not readily available in stores.
Price & Availability: Jo's Organic Beauty Chocolate Face Scrub can be bought through their facebook page for PKR500 (Approx. US$5).
My Rating: 4/5

I hope you found this review helpful. Don't forget to share your thoughts about Jo's Organic Beauty with us.
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  1. This looks so yumm!!!
    such a detailed review.. (y)

    1. It also smells divine. Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Am still testing this one and its yum.. I agree that it leaves an oily layer on skin afterwards.. But still is good for dry skin.. Nice review

  3. thanks for the detailed review .... it looks a great product for winters :P :)

  4. I wish it was for oily skin too....very nice and detailed review....xoxoxo....:)

  5. It looks like a crushed brownie 😍 i really want to try it after your review

  6. I am so gonna try this one :) great review and photography


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