Thursday, February 6, 2014

Its February and love is in the air. I have been seeing a lot of V-Day talk across the cyber world these days and decided to pitch in myself through my nail art. Keep on reading to see a Valentine's Day nail art tutorial by me.
Disclaimer: Our blog has readers from across the world that belong to different cultures. I am by no means encouraging anyone to celebrate or not to celebrate Valentines Day. The only reason behind this post is that themed nails are always fun. And we are here to just have fun.

The nail polishes I have used are CSP's Haute Nail Color in Chateau, Sweet Touch Black Queen, Flarmor N007 and Medora French Manicure White. I started by painting my ring finger red and the other fingers in white.
On my thumb I made the shape of an envelope using a black striper. Then with the use of a toothpick made a bird like shape and a C underneath it with red nail polish to give the appearance of lips. This particular nail was inspired by Cutepolish.
Index Finger:
I made a flower like pattern with a detailing brush and filled the petals in red using a dotting tool. Leaves were also made with a detailing brush.
Middle Finger:
This finger is just random strokes with srtiper and detailing brushes.
Ring Finger:
Nothing fancy, just a plain old nail art sticker.
I started by making polka dots in black with a dotting tool. Made two big and a tiny red dot under the big ones in a corner. Connected these dots with red nail polish on a toothpick to make a heart.

And it turned out as this:
Thank you for taking out the time to view my tutorial. Please note that this design is my own work and not a recreation. Since I am a learner I would appreciate your creative opinions and constructive criticism. If you liked my nail art, please give it a try and share my post with those who want to learn.
Click here to view the rest of my work. Please ignore the mess on my fingers. I always clean this up after I am done with the nails.



  1. Whoaa this is amazing. Love your creativity.

    1. Thankyou Shang :) you made my day.....xoxo

  2. Gorgeous nail art!! Love it so much! xx

    1. Thankyou for your appreciation Gowthami :)

  3. OMG!! this is sooooo pretttyyyyy!!! i totally love the way you told us the steps of doing this nail art! i am soo gonna try (read: make fail attempts) this! :D
    p.s. i also like your disclaimer. :P
    Sadia Malik's Blog

    1. I am glad you liked it Sadia :) disclaimer was necessary considering how some people react :p

  4. wow.....what a creativity dear.....loved it....xoxoxo...:)

  5. OmG! Gorgeous, yaar! You really made it appear so easy <3

  6. Oh Gosh, super lovely :)

  7. my fav are the middle and pinkie finger.It must have been fun to do this...sighs.when my girl grows up i am gonna do tons :p


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