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MUA promises satisfaction in low prices. We finally got to review one of their blush. Keep on reading to find out what we think.

MUA CLAIMS: Part of our amazing £1 line, our blushers come in six shades. They range from pink and coral to deeper plums and natural nudes so you’ll definitely find one that suits you the most! Although to be honest with you, at £1 there’s no reason why you shouldn’t own all six! Just simply sweep across the apples of the cheek and up to the brow bone to create a soft yet beautiful contour. Gorge!
My Experience:
The MUA blush I am going to review today is SHADE 1 that I got as a gift from my friend. This shade is a peachy pink with very fine gold shimmer.
The blush comes in a container with a black base and a transparent lid. The lid has MUA printed on it in silver. The blush itself has MUA engraved on it. The packing closes firmly but is not sturdy. The kind that doesn't scream cheap still one I wouldn't dream of carrying in my bag.
The blush itself is very soft and despite all my efforts to be careful, I managed to break it. The soft texture also results in fallouts in the pan. The coverage is sheer but buildable. I have to layer it three to four times to get the color to show up on my cheeks (I am NC-35 in mac). I believe it would not show up in a single swipe on fairer skin tones either. Layering is not an issue though as the blush is easily blendable, a trait I love in blushes.
The color wears off after three hours but the slight glow from the shimmer stays for good 6 hours. The shimmer is very fine and not over the top so it makes for a perfect day wear blush. I usually layer it twice to give a light flush of color to my cheeks during day time. The color doesn't really make it a night time blush.
All in all I absolutely love the innocent natural glow this blush provides. It is one of the most used blushes in my stash because of the wearable color. I just wish it had a better wear time and the color palette had something for Asian skintones.

  • Soft, blendable texture.
  • Can be layered on to get desired intensity.
  • Packaging is not sturdy.
  • Blush is really soft.
  • Color stays for max three hours.
  • Does not compliment Asian skintones.
Price and Availability: MUA Blusher costs £1 and can be bought from their website. In Pakistan you can buy MUA from

My Rating: 3/5



  1. If it were a bit warmer, it would have suited Asian skins! Anyways, nice review! :) x

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  2. Nice review but you are right its not for Asian skins....xoxoxo....:)

  3. I have one powder blusher by MUA and I like the color a lot, but yes staying power is poor and they feel a bit powdery...Nice review...

  4. grgs shade <3<3
    nice review..following u dear

    my recent one :

  5. very good review! :)
    i have nominated you for the Liebster award on my blog! check it out here :)
    Liebster Award!

  6. i remember having a mua blush and finishing it up within two months haha, not sure why i didnt repurchase it since i did love it alot. maybe next time i place an order on just4girls :)

  7. cute shade lighting

  8. It appears a bit chalky. Love the review!


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