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With the winter season going on every one is going to have loads of oranges at home but does this mean that the litter bins be stuffed with orange peel? Keep on reading to find out why orange peel should not be a part of the waste.
Oranges are packed with vitamin C. This not only removes dead cells but also help to finish off blackheads, acne, dark circles besides cleansing the pores and reversing the damage caused by UV rays.The extra glow then helps to lighten the skin tone.

P.S. Before using orange peel don't forget to clean it with salt and let it dry for a couple of days in sunlight until you can crush them using your hand.
A mixture of orange peel and milk or curd cream helps to remove tan. The mixture should be applied for almost half an hour and when it has dried can be rinsed off with cold water. Use this twice a week to brighten your skin tone naturally.
Adding this crushed orange peel to rose water toner and apply it daily before going to bed for a natural glow.
If you have a dry skin then it can be owed to the insufficient calcium in your body. Applying the peel in the form of a paste with lemon juice, honey and curd can give you the perfect skin by balancing out the excessive dryness or oiliness.
Orange peel also contains a large amount of dietry fibre. This nutrient has detoxifying properties and can result in weight loss. Just eat a lot of oranges without removing the white thing on the slices and God knows; you may not need to exercise at all.
Last but not the least, orange peel is very important for your hair as well. Apply it with honey on your scalp after shampooing your hair. Wash it off after a few minutes and say good bye to dandruff.

Hope now you are rushing for an orange.
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  1. Great tips thanks for sharing :) in my point of view...
    Orange peels are good but they contain high quantity of citrus which can irritate sensitive allergy test is a must.

    1. you are right samra. even though milk (used in some tips above) acts to soothe the skin, still these tips are not advisable for those with sensitive skin. Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Oh very nice tip I always eat orange and always throw away the peel becoz I don´t knew this cool tip!

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  3. Great piece of information... I didn't know orange peel is beneficial for hair too...Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Hey Hira! Nice one! :-) My Naano used to dry the peels and made a paste kind-of to apply on face as a mask. Will surely be doing that this winter :-)

  5. Amazing and useful tip will surely try it :) love your tip :D

  6. I love your blog

  7. I was eating an orange lol and suprisingly self peeled with u peeled it with my hands just the way my dadi does it leaves the white part on the orange slices . Never going to waste it by making juice

  8. Affordable beauty tips. thank you sisters

  9. Very helpful.Before now I was always at loss about the method of use.Thanks for sharing.xoxoxo


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