Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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Always been in love with high heels? Not sure if you can walk in them? Well, it is now time for the fear-stricken ladies cowering behind at the sight of stilettos to muster some courage and master the art.

Does walking in high heels really involve a rocket science? No, and if a few simple steps are followed then it is as easy as one, two ,three.
When walking in high heels, always put your one foot directly ahead the other. It will help you to get a better grip, hence making you appear confident and at ease rather than swaying you from side to side. I am sure many of you have marble floors at home. The best way to practise is by walking on a tile and following those horizontally ahead of it to ensure that you don't go astray. Just make sure that your knees are not bent and you can for certain have your way with high heels.
Another problem arises when walking down the stairs. For this use handrails. That's what they are for ladies!!!
For beginners, an alternative can be in the form of kitten heels. It is a short, slender heel usually about 1.5 inches high and is worn to get used to wearing high heels. It is relatively easier to walk with and can help one overcome the clumsiness of her gait. My advise likewise for starters is that you practice with kitten heels before switching to higher heels.
Kitten heel
Yet another issue that arises is the sinking of heels in grass. Many of you having studied physics understand the relationship of pressure with area. The thinner your heels are the more likely they are to sink in the ground. Since the sight of heels sinking in the ground doesn't sound appealing, it is better to wear wedges or block heels when your destination takes you to a lawn. Hence when going out to a party it won't do you any harm to ask your host whether the gathering is going to be indoor or outdoor.
Block heel
What we all know for certain is that wearing heels wears our feet out. What you can do about it? Carry a pair of flats in your bag. After all oversized bags are the rage this season, aren't they? So all you have to do is opt for comfortable heels and Practice Practice Practice!!

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  1. hey dear you have really nice blog just followed you and thank you so much for visiting + following my blog and ya one more thing i really loved your nail art well if you are interested email me some of your best works and i will write a post featuring your work and your blog as well feel free to contact :))

    1. Thanks for your appreciation :)
      I would really love that haniya. Will contact you soon :)

  2. Wedges are cuter and comfy. But they are casual shoes. :( Cannot be worn for formal occassions. Imagine how wedges would look under a sharara. :P The elegance of the stiletto cannot be replaced.

  3. Lovely post.I love heels and wear them as comfortably as flats but the only thing is that tik tik sound.Makes me so conscious :P


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