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Bridal fashion at its best!

Hum Bridal Couture Week comes at the time where we have been experiencing bridal shows for quite some time now, starting with the PFDC Bridal Week in September, 2016. Suffice it to say, it becomes a bit cliche to experience the same thing over under a different brand name, and we are ready to move on to different branches of fashion! Hopefully, the upcoming PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week coming this month will be just the reprieve. Hoping this year's BCW will be the grand goodbye to bridal fashion for the season, here's our take on the 3 day event:

Day 1

Impulse by Ayesha Farid
The collection Mughal Mahal primarily focused on Mughal architecture. It was more fluid than structured and failed to capture the rampant elements of the Mughal architecture in the silhouettes.

Amir Adnan
Amir Adnan's collection boasts of great craftsmanship and classic silhouettes. It pays homage to our age old rich values with a story and history following cuts and styles that remain timelessly elegant over the years. While the collection retained true to our classical Eastern aesthetic throughout the show, there was a lack of creativity and novelty to Amir Adnan’s 'An Ode to Heritage' that is was easily forgettable and overly cliche.

Gogi by Hassan Riaz
A successful interpretation of the Pakistani bride of the golden era, this collection was inspiring and had much to offer in terms of the classical age extravagance without trying too hard!

HSY's collection, 1909, captured the effortlessness and timeless elegance of the vintage glamour. The color palette was muted with intricate embellishments, yet the overall impact was too repetitive and a child product of the many previous collections by HSY.

Day 2

Umsha by Uzma Babar
Red was an opt choice for Uzma Baber's collection forever. The opulent embellishments were a nice contract to the classical bridal silhouettes. The rich textures added a sense of enchantment that was interesting without being cliche or overwhelming!

Amina Yasmeen by Mansoor Akram
The color palette for the collection was distasteful with hues that defied the bright, playful spirit of the Eastern bride and failed to sit cohesively in a collection. The 3D floral details did little to salvage the outfits.

Fahad Hussayn
The only designer to incorporate prints, Fahad's collection was playful, fun with interesting silhouettes and details like Ralli and gota that were well together and resulted in a successful show.

The Classic Red
This segment featured a classical red outfit, each by some of the biggest designers of the industry where every ensemble was better than the other!

Day 3

Annus Abrar
The collection captured the ornate nature and jubilant spirit of the Eastern bride fittingly. The collection is exciting with an interesting color palette, meant for ladies who want to have fun and simultaneously make a statement.

Nickie Nina
Nickie Nina were trying too many and too different concepts at the same time, their collection was a conundrum, a cacophony of mismatched ideas that lacked cohesion and direction. Each piece had its own story to tell, so much so that the collection became lost somewhere inbetween.

Sonya Batla
The collection was for the contemporary bride, simple and practical, but it failed to reflect the Eastern jubilance and extravagance and so wasn't trousseau appropriate.

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