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Even though the brand is known for its amazing price point, people in Pakistan have not been able to benefit from that. UNTIL NOW

**Disclaimer: I have placed three orders at ColourPop. In this post I have shared my observations and my personal experience with you. Any of situation or details mentioned below might change in the future and I am not liable for any charges you might incur while ordering yourself.
Click here to see all the items I got and how they came packaged. Here is a sneakpeak:

How to Order:
I placed my orders using both Debit (UBL) and Credit card (MCB) and it works both ways. You just need to make sure that international transactions have be activated on your card. If they aren't, you can contact your bank to get them enabled.
In the Billing Address section, write the address associated with your card. In my case it was the same as my Shipping (home) Address so I wrote the same in both sections.

Shipping Charges:
ColourPop starting shipping internationally last year but their shipping charges were not flat rate. They increased with the weight as you kept on adding more items to the cart. The shipping charges ended up being too much and I didn't think it was smart to order directly from the brand back then. However they started a Holiday promotion where you could avail free international shipping on orders $50 and above till 31 December. That is when I placed all my orders.
Now it is 2017 but the shipping info on ColourPop's website is still the same. Plus I haven't read anything to the contrary so I am hoping this arrangement is permanent. Basically now you can avail free shipping in US on orders worth $30 and above and internationally on orders $50 and above. Flat rate international shipping charges for orders below $50 are $4.99. However, you can click here and receive $5 off on your first order. So basically for your first order you get free shipping even below $50.

Order Processing & Shipping:
ColourPop processes your order within 3-5 business days (Monday-Friday) but it might take longer during promotions and holidays. Once your order has been shipped, you will get an email informing you of this.
The email also contains a tracking number that you can use to track your order. The tracking number doesn't always work though. On my first order it showed complete progress even within Pakistan. However, it just read "Your item departed the USPS facility in LA" and  "Your item arrived at USPS facility in LA" on my second and third order.
What you need to know is that in Pakistan, it can take up to a month for your order to reach you. 10-21 business days, according to ColourPop. My last order was shipped on 27 December 2016 and I received it on 16 January 2017
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Custom Duty:
I know this is the area most people have questions about. Sorry to disappoint you but I haven't found any hard and fast rule on how this works. I have some observations I can share with you to grant you some control over these charges.
1. The most important consideration would be to keep your total order value below $100. My maximum order value ever has been $75.
2. Size and weight of the package might also be a factor worth considering. When shopping internationally, try to order items that don't weight much and will fit in smaller packaging. The bigger it is, the more likely it is to catch the custom department's eye :p
This isn't something you need to worry about in ColourPop's case as long as you follow the first custom rule.
3. You can always ask the brand to mark your order as gift. However, this might not work with a brand like ColourPop. I didn't do this myself but you can try. No harm in trying.
I kept in mind all these points and the only cash I had to pay in Pakistan was PKR 30-60 to the postman with each order.

Missing or damaged products:
If any of the items you ordered are missing or damaged you can contact ColourPop for replacements at the email with order details and pictures.
You need to do so as soon as possible though because in ColourPop's words "If you have a damaged item please contact customer service and we will get it resolved asap! In order to be eligible for a replacement, missing/defective items must be reported within the first two weeks of delivery. "

I have tried my best to answer all of your questions. For any further questions please comment below. Don't forget to read ColourPop's FAQs before placing your order.


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