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And here's how to do them!

Winters can be such a hectic season. With the academic sessions in full swing and exams going on, it seems like one has no time to spare for themselves. Then there are also the innumerable weddings to attend! Surprising as it may be, one always has at least one wedding in the family, this time of the year. Preparing for these weddings and keeping up with the academics, if there is one thing we often forget is styling the hair for the big days. To make it easy for you, we have compiled a list of easy to follow hair styles that would be quick and flattering fixes for your hair. Here is how you can style your hair this wedding season:

1. Loose curls: These are undoubtedly the epitome of festive hair! Barely any hairstyle is complete without  curls. For the most flamboyant curls, you need to a wide barrel, approximately an inch or more. This will give you bigger curls that will drape better. Loosely wind your hair around the barrel to curl your hair. Wrapping the strands tightly around the barrel can result in tight curls which are not as flattering if worn loose. If you have ramrod straight hair, you may want to apply some hair gel before curling your hair. This will give maximum body to your curls. Otherwise, you can just use a hair spray to lock the curls. If you are a juvenile or generally just scared of using heat on your hair, like me, because I have used curling rods several times and have always been flimsy and sceptical with them, then here are a few other options which I have tried myself and will want to recommend:

1. Use manual rollers to curl your hair. Here, again you want to use wider rollers. If you have long hair, you would want to use bigger rollers so that the entire length wil be easier to wrap around it. For this I recommend damp hair as they are easier to curl. Divide your hair into even sections and curl them over the rollers. As you are applying rollers, pin each to the base of your hair with bobby pins and set with a generous amount of hair spray. It is recommended to keep applying the hair spray after some time to ensure the maximum body when you remove the rollers. Afterwards, finger comb your hair and again set with hair sprays. You would not want to use combs as they can straighten the curls. If you find a lot of tangles, dab a hair smoothing serum on your fingers and work your way through the length. You can also use a untangling moose.

2. Twist Curls: These are without doubt my favorites! You do not need any equipment or special tools for this one, just some hair spray. For this one, you again need damp hair. Divide your hair into even sections. Using a lot of hair spray, some water spray and bobby pins, just tightly twist and pin each section to the base of your hair. Keep using the hair spray after even 45 to 60 minutes. This will approximately take about two to three hours, though the results can wary depending on the length and thickness of each strand. After unpinning, again finger comb and set with a hair spray.

2. Crown braids: One can never go wrong with braids! That's for certain. For this you only use the top half of the hair. To get the most flattering results, I would recommend you curl your hair first and treat your hair with a hair texture spray or mousse. Curls give volume to hair and combined with braids, they give the most ethereal results. You can go about this multiple ways. French braid the top half of your hair and leaving a few strands loose on the front to frame your face or do the french fish tale. It is the hybrid between fish and French tale and one of the most raging trends of the season. What I like to do is make a side french braid and cornrows on one side of the hair, till my ear, leaving the other side loose and free to frame the face. You can also make a crown braid on the top half. Just gather some hair from near the ears, work them into simple three strand braids, tug and and pull to add volume and texture. Then take each braid to the opposite side of the head and pin to form a hairband. You can even make a half French tail in along the temple in half side of the broad is done in a French braid while the other half is a simple braid.

3. Full hair braids: Braids are fun to make! If you want volume, you may want to curl your hair prior to braiding. Now there are several different ways to go about this. Either make a simple French tail or a fish braid or even try the french fish tale, aka the hybrid of fish and French tale. If you want to want maximum volume outwards, go for a Dutch braid instead: it is the simple French braid, except in the inverted direction. You can also try the 4 or 5 strand braid to add intricacy to your hairstyle. For a more ethereal look, part your hair into two even sections. Then make 2 or 3 braids on each side and combine them all into a single braid. For a more romantic look, leave a few strands loose and free. After making the braid, always tug it to add more volume to it. Finally add rhinestone pins or faux floral pins to add detail to the braid.

If you feel like it, you can even twist your braid into a bun and add french pins or jewellery for details.

Sunsilk too has introduced the signature wedding hair trends of the season in their latest commercial which guides the girls how to style their hair uniquely for each wedding event. The advertisement focuses on three of the major wedding functions: mayun, mehndi and barat and has developed  hair styles for each of the three events according to the special requirements of each event. Sunsilk'S pink variant shampoo allows girls to style their hair any way they want all the while promising the least damage.
Have a look at the advertisement here:

So this wedding season, with hair on your side, style your hair whatever way you want!
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