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Here's how to get a healthy, glowing skin!

How to treat dull skin, and pimple marks:
You should add fruits and vegetables in your diet and detox your system thoroughly. Add a lot of greens in your diet, you can have all the green vegetables in the season but you should have these either cooked or blended. A quick recipe for detox water: Capsicum+spinach+cucumber+water+apple+half glass of water.
Deep cleansing for blackheads and whiteheads:
You should use oil absorbing clay and salicylic acid. The acid will peel off the dead layer and clear the pores. Pond's Pure White. For pimples, use Pond's Pimple Clear facewash.
How to treat pimples
Focus on skin cleansing along with the toner so that the pores are unplugged and acne bacteria wont attack which will prevent pimple formation. You should eat walnut, add flax seeds and pumpkin seeds in your diet and eliminate all fried food from your diet. Eat fruits and salads regularly with 60 mins of exercise. You should use an Anti bacterial cream and a facewash containing salicylic acid. Cut out all the oily food and deep fried food. Have one teaspoon of flax seeds everyday. Add spinach, walnuts, carrots and apples in your diet regularly
For dark circles:
No treatment, keep them moisturized to prevent wrinkles. Apply petoleum jelly regularly and apply Pond's White Beauty cream. Apply almond oil under eye at night every day, adequate amount of sleep (at least 8 hours) and drink a lot of water. The treatment for dark circles is Carboxy Therapy. Along with this try making lifestyle changing by adjusting your sleep routine and have plenty of water. Use Pond's White Beauty Facewash and cream.
Oily Skin:
To remove oil you should thoroughly cleanse your face with a face wash and to remove the excessive oil it is highly recommended to use a toner as well. Apply lemon juice on yout T-zone. Drink atleast 8 glasses of water everyday. Add fruits to your diet, eat an apple a day, eat one peach a day. You need to flush the toxins.
Even out skin tone/glowing skin:
For even skin tone and glowing skin it is recommended to have a diet full of fruits and vegetables, drink lots of water and start a skincare regime with the Pond's Age Miracle range.
Get rid of facial hair:
For the hair growth you should get yourself checked for insulin levels in the body.
Losing weight without working out:
You should have Lemon ginger mixed with water or cinnamon mixed with water and honey. You should put chia and flax seeds in your diet and try jumping rope at least 15 mins in a day.
Skin care for combination skin:
During summers, use products which are water based. In winter use cream based products.
For rough hair and hair fall:
You should have Vitamin A, carrot and apple juice, biotin. Massage with hot coconut oil with your finger tips for 30 mins everyday.
Dark knuckles:
The dark knuckles is generally a genetic problem. You should build a daily regime of scrubbing and moisturizing. For effective results you should use Pond's White Beauty Cream
Remedy for freckles
To prevent freckles you should use sunscreen as freckles become darker under the sun.
Best way to get rid of sun burn
To cure sunburn you should start taking more water and add fruits to your diet. You can also use apple cider vinegar and tomatoes to naturally cure sunburn. For further prevention use sunscreen of SPF 50.

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