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Make Up Academy is one of the most economical brands available in the market. This time we tried their Mascara in Shade 5 and here is what we think about it.

The Brand Claims:
A make up must have- colored mascara which is available in a number of eye-catching shades to create a striking effect. Long lasting and can be used alone, or as a highlight to the end of lashes on top of your normal shade.
MUA Mascara in Shade 5
MUA Mascara in Shade 5
MUA Mascara in Shade 5
My Experience: 
MUA Mascara comes in 7 different variants: shade 2,3,4,5,6,7 and Waterproof Black. Each shade comes in an austere cylinder; the lid is black for all variants and the bottom is tinted to resemble the color of the product inside. Printed atop the container is MUA in silver. 
I tried MUA Mascara in shade 5. It is a black mascara and thus comes in an all black container. The wand is pretty standard though the applicator is comparatively longer in length and girls with tiny eyes will have trouble using it. The consistency is perfect: it is neither too dry nor runny which gives sufficient time to layer on product without the mascara clumping. The mascara is good at defining lashes, it adds length and slightly curls the lashes. However, it is important to note here that the curl is only slight and you will have to use an eye lash curler before if you want a dramatic curl.Another thing worth mentioning is that the mascara is not water proof at all. Though a water proof mascara is available in the MUA Mascara range.
MUA Mascara in Shade 5- Applied
To sum it all up, MUA Mascara in Shade 5 is a decent buy if you don't want a lot of volume or length. In general it does not work for people who are looking for dramatic changes in their eyelashes. Maybe it is supposed to work as a base for the colored mascaras in this range as the claims focus only on those. I would really like to try MUA Mascara in Shade 5 with the other colored mascaras in this range and see how it works with them.


  • Wide range of colors to choose from.
  • The consistency is perfect.
  • The mascara does not clump.
  • The mascara defines and lengthens lashes.
  • Inexpensive.
  • The mascara does not volumize lashes.
Price & Availability: MUA is only yet available for online sale in Pakistan. It can be bought online from for PKR 210 (Approx. US $2.05). Internationally it can be bought for GBP 1. Visit Make Up Academy's Pakistan facebook page for more information.
My Rating: 3.5/5

Have you tried any mascaras by MUA? If so, what are your thoughts?
Lots of love,
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  1. I personally feel the consistency of MUA mascara is a drier than my own liking. Nonetheless, it is a decent purchase for the pricing. :) x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  2. For the price this mascara does look good. Nice review.

  3. I love this wand shape... but with time I have known so many new mascaras and their bigger wands that my preferences are quite changed. I really loke your honest detailed reviews. Thumbs up!

  4. Sadly this one isnt for me. I'm ok with less volume but i defintely want length from my mascara. Nice honest review :)

  5. the MUA mascaras are a bit drier for my liking plus they just define the lashes while i want some omph usually . I have it in Blue color :) great review th

  6. Nice review.I should probably try this out :)

  7. Haven't tried it yet well nice review

  8. i like my mascara with volumizing ability ... nice review though

  9. Never tried MUA mascaras but this looks good for younger girls who just want a bit of definition -Sadaf

  10. Looks like a pretty reasonable mascara for the price. Nicely reviewed :)


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