Thursday, March 19, 2015

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Hi girls. Sorry for not being active lately. We have a lot of things going on and we haven't been able to blog as frequently as we would like to.
Another thing we haven't been doing is share our beauty mail with you. A lot of you might know that whenever we get something in our mail, we share it on our instagram account or facebook page.
Since we haven't done it regularly for some time now, we decided to do a blog post about our beauty mail. So this post is basically about the beauty products we got in February and March up till now.

The first mail was an order from They had a 50% off sale on Misslyn and we had to buy something. The products we got are Misslyn's Compact Blusher in 05-English Rose and 25-Tea Rose and their Lipsticks in 53-Spirit of Love and 178-Hot Pink. We love love love the products. Specially the blushes are our new favourite. If you got anything from the sale do share in comments below.

The next mail is from DMGM Cosmetics. All of the products are amazing and DMGM is officially one of our most favourite brands ever. We have already reviewed the Xtreme Matte Chubby Stick and the Photo Fix Lip Color so do read those to understand our obsession. Also worth mentioning is the gold bag that came with the products. It is a sight to behold. Lets go back up to the first picture and take a moment to admire this beauty ♥ *sigh*

This mail from Essence Cosmetics was the prize for a nail art competition they had on their page. We already have a few of their Colour Arts pigments so we might give these away ;)

These three products came as three different mails. The first one is Luscious Cosmetics' latest launch, the Contour Kit. We are in love with this product. A detailed review is coming soon.
From Maybelline New York, we got the Collosal Kajal (Read review here). The brand is relaunching their kajal and we are proud to be a part of their #WontSmudge campaign.

That was it for our mail. Do tell us if you liked the idea of this post so we can continue doing more of these in the future. Also don't forget to comment below the product you would like reviewed first.
Take care and much love.

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