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The Brand Claims: Atiqa Odho makeup products are for quality and are specially formulated for the Pakistani skin tones and are free of animal fat, hence, Halal. Atiqa Odho lipsticks are enriched with castor oil, beeswax, carnauba wax and Vitamin E to moisturize and protect your lips.
Odho Cosmetics Lipstick in Rapture
Odho Cosmetics Lipstick in Rapture
Odho Cosmetics Lipstick in Rapture
Odho Cosmetics Lipstick in Rapture
Odho Cosmetics Lipstick in Rapture- Swatch
My Experience:
Odho Cosmetics Lipsticks come in five variants: Atiqa's Red, Atiqa's Orange, Atiqa's Pink, Atiqa's Brown and Atiqa's Fun. Out of the 40 versatile shades, the one I got is from Atiqa's Reds and is named Rapture.
Rapture is a classic dark red with pink undertones. It has slight silverish shimmer in it. No noticeable smell which is a plus. I am not really happy with the pigmentation. I was surprised that for such a dark color it doesn't apply opaque. It does not look as dark after the application as it appears in the bullet. I have to swipe it a few times to get the required color. The texture is very creamy and glides effortlessly on the lips. Settles into fine lines though and stains my lips pretty bad.
Wear time of the lipstick is pretty impressive. It stays put for more than 6 hours with eating and drinking. But the color fades slightly after about 3 hours of application and it does not fade evenly. I would not call the lipstick moisturizing but it does not dry out my lips. Still I would advise exfoliation beforehand as the lipstick does not treat dry and chapped lips well.
I really like its packaging. There is a lot of flashy red which is not normally my type but I really like the style. It looks very trendy. Like MUA and Makeup Revolution lipsticks it also has a transparent disk containing small amount of the lipstick attached to the lid but it does not come off.
All in all, I believe Odho Cosmetics Lipsticks to be very good for the price despite the few shortcomings. After all, what more can you ask for in Rs 350.

  • Creamy texture that glides effortlessly onto the lips.
  • Stays for upto 6 hours.
  • Does not dry out lips.
  • Does not have a smell.
  • Trendy packaging.
  • Comes in 40 versatile shades.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Does not apply opaque if not swiped again and again.
  • Settle into fine lines and stains the lips.
  • Does not work well on dry, chapped lips.
  • Does not fade away evenly.
Price & Availability: Odho Cosmetics Lipsticks cost PKR 350 (Approx. $3.5). Click here for a detailed list of stores that house Odho Cosmetics. Visit Odho Cosmetics facebook page for more information.
My Rating: 3.5/5

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