Tuesday, August 26, 2014

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When exposed to the cruelties of the environment, our skin is susceptible to a myriad of problems. Especially the Asian skin is prone to the greatest number of skin issues. Uneven skin tone, dark spots, oiliness, sun tan or sun burn; the; list of these problems so long that you can go on and on without stopping.

Today we will talk skin issues that bother me and Hira the most as individuals.
Maria: The biggest skin issue for me are Ultra Violet rays. Specifically UVB. In case of mild exposure this type of radiation can result in sun tan. What it does is that it increase the amount of melanin in your skin. Melanin is the skin pigment responsible for determining the skin color. If you are not a biology student all you need to know for now is that more this melanin in your skin, the darker will be your skin color. Now UVB is taking its toll :) With more exposure, this UVB can cause cellular damage as well, thus resulting in sun burns. At times, just for you to be careful, the dosage of UVB can be strong enough to cause skin cancer. Since I am out and about, now you know why I am such an anti UVB.
Hira: I am a big sucker for that dewy, glowing skin but imagine that shine on your face due to oiliness? A total turn off. Living in a country like Pakistan where its summer for three quarters around the year and my lack of patience for a proper skin care routine doesn't really help. No matter what moisturizer I use, barely after an hour my T-zone turns shiny. That tacky shine is what you do not want.

Do you face any similar skin care issues? Tell us about yours.


  1. Nice post .Like every Pakistani girl I have this oily Tzone issue in summers.., and for me I have extremely dry Tzone in winters... One of the major issues that I faced during university days was...exposure to ultra violet rays daily...which turned my arm a lot darker... I always used something containing SPF on face..but for arms,I never bothered... and now I can see the results and am still trying to get rid of those sun burns on my arm..

  2. so wats the solution? im also havin oily acne prone skin :(

  3. It gets dry.. White heads on nose.. Its losing its cleanliness evn i use to cleanse it bt it gets whiteheads v soon..


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