Thursday, January 16, 2014

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Budget buys don't hurt anyone, right? Our recent buys were from a local store called RIOS that houses very budget friendly brands. Read more to see our picks.

About RIOS: RIOS is a local store in Lahore that has two branches, one in Hyperstar Lahore and the other in Y block DHA. It houses makeup brands like rivak uk and flarmor, toiletries and abayas. For more details visit their facebook page or website. 

The stuff we bought is:
  1. Rivaj Uk (8 in 1) Blusher Kit PKR 450
  2. Rivaj Uk Color Fusion Lipstick in #31 PKR 125
  3. Rivaj Uk Eyeshadow Sealer PKR 190 (read review here)
  4. Rivaj Uk Longlasting Lipstick Pencil in Cabrenit PKR 90
  5. Rivaj Uk brush R09 PKR 95
  6. Amanda Lip Glaze PKR 250- no idea about the brand, just could not resist the color
  7. Flarmor Supermatte Nail Polish M105 PKR 160
Hope you like our picks.

Have you shopped at RIOS? Share with us through comments.


  1. I havent tried rivaj but it looks decent enough :)

    1. it works ok as far as I have tried. I just wish they would change the packaging...

  2. Its really budget friendly,wanna see the blusher palette review ^_^

  3. Great haul... I havn't tried Rivaj UK cosmetics yet... These are super affordable really.

  4. lovely haul.I will def check out the store on my next visit to HS.

  5. Lovely haul, everything looks divine! :) x

  6. I have some stuff from rivaj and i like how they maintain a certain quality for a budget. Thankx for sharing.

  7. I've visited RIOS for a while, but will be doing a complete scan of their products soon! <3 Some of Rivaj items are a dud, while others outperform. So, trial & error it is :-)
    Would love to see your review of lipstick and blush kit.
    P.S. A local store near my home is selling Rivaj Lipsticks at 250+. Chorr. :-/

    1. Its the same with all local brands. Stores charge whatever they want. Still, 250 is too much :/

  8. I'm curious about the blusher kit, can't wait to read your thoughts!


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